Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting to Know You

You can get to know me, I can get to know you, we'll all have a great time. First of all, I've placed here the most flattering picture ever taken of me. This will give you a really good idea of what I'm like.
Also, I have included a nice survey below that will really flesh out some things you didn't know about me. I hope you'll consider doing it yourself, and posting it on your own blog, in the comments section, you can mail it to me, or somewhere on the internet. If you don't think you want to fill it out, I have prepared this video to persuade you:

Sleep with or without clothes on? - I will sleep buck naked right on your face.

Prefer black or blue pens - Using blue pens make me feel that whatever I'm writing is slightly less boring than it would be if it was in black.

Dress up on Halloween? - I like to try and dress up, but I think it usually ends in tragedy. I plan to dress up as a detective as soon as possible.

Who sleeps with you every night? - My conscience... and a bunch of crazy girls!

Think you're attractive? - I'm a big ugly ogre

Want to get married? - Oh! I want to dance with somebody. Yeah! I want to feel the heat with somebody.
To: Somebody who loves me!

Do long distance relationships work? - I wouldn't really know much about that. This also sums up my knowledge of close distance relationships.

Do you believe in astrology? - Today my horoscope read: "Intensity would be a good word to sum up the way your day is likely to feel. The day is likely to begin with some exciting news from an old friend. From then on you will be caught up in a whirl of activity that may have some romantic overtones as well as being great fun!" This is exactly what happened, and I do not doubt my future is determined by the cosmos.

Do you believe in love at first sight? - If it did exist, someone must have fallen in love with me by now. I have been seen by LOADS of people. Chances are it has worked by now. I only hope we'll meet again.

Do you think dreams eventually come true? - I doubt it. If they did, I would have been beaten to death by vampires more than once.

Favorite fictional character? - Anna from the O.C. I also love the Petrellis from Heroes. I also love Hiro from Heroes. I love Albus Dumbledore, and I think he is a very wise old wizard.

Is there somebody in your life that you could not survive without? - If my anesthesiologist had in fact not existed, I would have jumped off a bridge before surgery, and I do not believe I would have survived the fall.

What went wrong in your last relationship? - I didn't understand what I was supposed to do ever.

Is there anyone you trust even though you should not? - I distrust everyone. If someone walks behind me I am absolutely certain they are about to stab me right in the back of the head.

Ever given your all to someone who walked away? - No. If I give my all to anyone I immediately chain them to the bathtub to prevent this from every happening. No one's ever walking away from me!

Ever kissed someone you regretted after? - No I haven't. Not even Lauren what's-her-face in a 8th grade game of spin the bottle. Yes, I played spin the bottle in 8th grade. And I do not regret it.

Ever had your heart broken? - My heart was smashed into pieces the episode of the O.C. when Anna goes back to Pittsburgh. It is called "The Goodbye Girl" and it ruined my whole life. My heart is shattered.

Ever broken somebody elses? - Every day

Who has the power to make your world fall apart? - Anyone who owns a nuclear bomb.

Want to say something to someone? - I don't want to say nothing to nobody.

Wish things could have gone differently with someone? - I wish that the guy I talked on the phone to today would have then offered to give me all of his money. Our relationship would have been severely improved.

Hows your heart lately? - Cold and black. Fixed on riches!


Jordan said...

That last line is not the only line that made me laugh out loud. Every single time the OC was mentioned I had a great time.

Thanks for bringing these back, Craig. You are the king of great survey writing.

Elizabeth said...

This is great. There were many great responses to the questions. I also really loved the video.

Cassidy said...

Welcome back. It's SO great to have you back.

Sarah-Ashley said...

Wow this is quite the fancy blog Craig. What a great job.

bridgerw said...

Terrific job on the survey, Craig. You should just have an entire blog of them.

Allie said...

I really like your blog. Can I be your e-friend? We do have similar taste in So You Think You Can Dance contestants...

John and Erin said...

Brilliant Craig. I too think it was a mistake to send Anna away. Oh how I missed her.

This is Erin, I found your blogging snooping okay?

Melissa said...

Craig, I want you to know that I left a comment on this survey ages ago, but I don't think it ever made it through to you. (This has happened to me twice this week) In it, I believe I congratulated you on a great new blog and a great post. Only, I'm sure I was more specific and more clever. My apologies.