Friday, September 12, 2008

My Heart is a Puddle

Tonight I watched Pretty Woman all the way through for the first time ever. I want you to know that my heart was honestly melted. Turns out even prostitutes have souls and can make really great girlfriends. The next prostitute I see I will invite into my house and seduce.

Anyway, after watching that touching film (I am not joking when I say I was touched) I decided to go over a few similar shows that have turned my heart to butter:

1. While You Were Sleeping - This show is what first introduced me to Peter Gallagher, who would later steal the hearts of the nation as Sandy Cohen on the OC. Lessons learned: Goofing around on black ice will woo any girl. Next time you are on a date and spot some black ice, steer toward it and shove your date onto the black ice. She will have lots of fun, and she will fall in love with you.

2. Sleepless in Seattle - This movie was the beginning of the older-woman crush I would soon develop with Meg Ryan. It also helps us remember that Rosie O'Donnell was once much thinner than she is now. If you're unsure whether you will ever fall in love, after watching this show, you can take comfort in the fact that that special someone may just live on the other end of the country. And all you have to do is wait for their spouse to die.

3. You've Got Mail - The Meg/Tom duo do it again. The most important lesson to be learned from this film is that meeting people in person that you met on the Internet is safe, fun and a good way to fall in love. We need to get this message out to everyone, especially kids with internet access.

4. Return to Me - Gorrillas, Heart Transplants, David Duchovny.

Here is a link to an actual trailer from that movie that it wouldn't let me post for some reason.

I really do love these shows very, very much. I will watch any of these shows, with any one of you, any time you want. Which is your favorite? Any similar shows you are a fan of?


Melissa said...

Great line-up, Craig. I've been known to enjoy each one of these movies at one time or another.

Moonstruck is a fine romantic comedy. Also, the original Rocky.

Elizabeth said...

Return to Me has one of my favorite falling-in-love montages.
I adore Rosie O Donnell in Sleepless and Seattle. As well as the rest of the cast.
If you like the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan duo you ought to give Joe Vs. The Volcano a try. It's a favorite of mine with some very memorable lines. It happens to have been written by a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright named John Patrick Shanley.

I also love these romantic comedies:
French Kiss
Mostly Martha (a german film)
Keeping the Faith
Notting Hill (for the friends and for the understated humor)

I want you to know that the show Seinfeld was forbidden in my home because my mom could not forgive Jason Alexander for what he did in Pretty Woman.

Great picks Craig.

Anjana said...

I've seen and I agree with you on all these movies (except "return to me"...I have to check it now)!

I would add to your list:
-"The notebook"
-"The English Patience"
-"Love in the times of cholera"
...and I remember seeing "Dirty Dancing" + "Pretty Woman" at least once per week when I was in high school ...

Congrats for your Blog, Craig!!

bridgerw said...

I'm not sure if you've seen When Harry Met Sally, but I had to watch it for a class and enjoyed myself.

And if you love Meg Ryan, you'll love this:

Jarrard said...

Return to Me is definitely one of my favorites. Minnie Driver steals my heart away in that film; she is absolutely gorgeous and tonz of fun. I really like Serendipity as well, and Notting Hill. Love it love it love it. Love is a beautiful thing.

John and Erin said...

Wow Craig, you're a real romantic. I'm so thrilled you posted about Pretty Woman. It's number one on my list. I love it. It's one of three rated R movies that I just can't give up. The one I would have to add to the list that I bawl my eyes out in everytime is My Girl. It's a classic.

Anjana said...

Yeah...totally agree with Jarrad, "Serendipity" is a must! I also forgot a few more romantic comdies that I have in my "puddle" list:
-"50 first dates"
-"The Wedding Singer" (I've just watched for the 4th time on VH channel an hour ago...)
-"Shakespeare in love"
-"Love actually"
-"My best friend wedding"
-"Four weddings and a funeral"
and "French Kiss" (a must for you if you are such a big fan of Meg-new lips-Ryan)