Friday, January 30, 2009

Virginity For Sale

Most of you have probably heard about Natalie Dylan. Natalie is a student in Sacramento with a scheme to pay for a Master's degree in Psychology by selling her virginity. Last I heard, a man in Australia had bid $3.7 million.

When I learned about this, I wasn't all that surprised. It did make me think, however, how not just anyone can get away with this. Imagine me attempting this same approach to pay for law school - "Hello, I was wondering if you might be interested in my virginity? No? Do you know anyone who might?" "Hello, nice day huh? How are you? Oh fine. I'm okay. Well I'm just out trying to sell my virginity is all."

I imagine setting up a lemonade stand outside my house in South Jordan that looks like this:

I'll just hold a sign as people go by, "Hey, virginity! Do you want any of my virginity!?" And maybe next to it I'll set up a small table where I will sell friendship bracelets and interesting rocks I've found around my house.

Last thought - If Natalie Dylan can sell her virginity, why can't someone like this guy?

If virginity is truly a "priceless and rare commodity" like Natalie says it is (in her words), then you had better scoop up any of it you can find before we've run out! Virginity isn't going to be around forever! We're going to run dry!


If you would like to bid on Natalie Dylan, you can contact her at

If you would like to bid on me or buy a real fancy rock I found, just come by my virginity stand.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here You Are

1. What's something new that you like?
-- At the risk of pushing everyone to the point of wanting to dash my head to pieces, I really like The OC. It might not be technically new, but it's really made a huge comeback in my life. Since I cancelled my television programming, The OC has pulled through for me during just about every mealtime. Every time I watch Anna move back to Pittsburgh my heart is ripped to shreds. Other than the OC, I really like ice cream. I feel like it's a real privilege to eat icecream nowadays.

2. What's something new that you despise?
--My car. My car and I have a very tense relationship. I have been trying my hardest to ensure it doesn't go and totally F me, but it's totally F-ing stupid. It's a big old F-ing dumb car.

3. What's a neat thing you did that made you feel great?
--Yesterday I read 80 pages of a book I'm behind on, 20 pages on another, and 5 pages on another. That was 105 pages of homework reading. I felt pretty good about that effort, because I fell asleep on my couch reading. Usually when I fall asleep doing any sort of homework I feel like I've really pushed my limits. It's a great way to convince myself that I'm not a total waste of student.

4. What's something that made you feel terrible?
--I've been reading Caleb Williams by William Godwin. I keep reading with the hope that things are going to get better at some point in the book, but I'm sure they never do. Pretty much nothing good ever happens.

5. What's a great quote you've come across recently?
--I read this in my British Literature class the other day, and I kind of liked it:

"I have heard it said that you may, when the moody fit comes on, walk or ride on by yourself, and indulge your reveries. But this looks like a breach of manners, a neglect of others, and you are thinking all the time that you ought to rejoin your party. 'Out upon such half-faced fellowhip,' say I. I like to be either entirely to myself, or entirely at the disposal of others; to talk or be silent, to walk or sit still, to be sociable or solitary."
- William Hazlitt, On Going A Journey

6. Who is a great mom?
--My mom!!! My mom is a great mom!

7. What is a word you cannot seem to get a hold of?
--"bourgeois" - I wrote a paper where I had to use this word a million times, and even today I'm not completely sure what it is supposed to mean.

8. What's something that let you down lately?
--A few writers fell through for me at the newspaper this week, which was kind of a pain, because then I have to figure out how exactly I'm going to have a page. I'm going to start writing poetry and cover the entire opinion page with it.
- The Legislature is meeting today
- I hope they have a lot to say
- I'm too busy, to my dismay
- To go and see the grand display
- It should all be over before May

9. What's something that did not let you down lately?
--I'm going to go play volleyball tonight. I have been looking forward to it for a while, and although it still has the possibility to let me down (suppose I am murdered at the game), I have high hopes.

10. Now just list some words you think sound great:

Aguacate (spanish)
Avacado (English)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Music Videomania!

I love a good music video. So I decided to go ahead and post a few music videos I love watching for one reason or another. I know it's hard to commit to watching several videos, but just do your best.

1. Daft Punk - Around the World - This was one of my "The Box" favorites, and it lasted for several years. These guys really know how to choreograph a dance I can appreciate. Anytime I see loads of people doing the exact same action I am totally amazed.

2. The Decemberists - Sixteen Military Wives - Bridger tells me this is based on the movie Rushmore, which I think is a really good time. This video and that comment drove me to see Rushmore for years until I finally did. It's really good publicity.

3. Kate Bush - Wuthering Height - Wow! WOW! I don't know what to do.

4. Pet Shop Boys - Go West - My first introduction to this music video was also my introduction to Dance Dance Revolution. It is this video alone that convinced me not to wad up that dance pad and light it on fire. Any time I hear this song I honestly feel like marching would be okay.

5. Blondie - Heart of Glass - Jordan showed me this the other day, and I can't stop watching it. Blondie looks like she is having a pretty good time, but I really like that it seems she isn't having TOO good of a time. I wouldn't be surprised if she just lost interest and walked off the set. One thing is for sure, she has some incredible teeth.

I would also like to mention (but copyright issues won't let me post them here apparently) this:

Billy Joel - Pressure - I used to watch Billy Joel's music videos as a kid, and this one scarred a portion of my brain enough to remain there permanantly.

Christina Aguilera - Candy Man - I'm fairly embarrassed about this one. Chrissy says some pretty unbelievable things in this song, but I think the music video is a lot of fun. There is something about World War II themed anything that really catches my eye. I can just imagine defending myself to my mom, "But MOOOMMM!! I don't even LISTEN to the LYRICS!!!!"

The Killers - Mr. Brightside - This music reminds me of Moulin Rouge, so I like it.