Monday, July 27, 2009

A Few Things For You To Look At

I have really made an effort not to post any videos lately, because I think a lot of people see a video and think, "Bah! I don't have time to watch that video!" But you do have time to watch this teensy video. Please watch this video:

Apparently this is a promotional video for a new show on AMC called Liza Life Coach. It was so sneakily presented to me on television that I honestly thought this was real. I'm still a little disoriented on this marketing scheme, because at no point does it ever say, "Watch my show, this is a hoax!" It wouldn't be hard for me to believe this is real.

I think this is a good opportunity for me to make a confession that I make fairly often: I love watching MADE on MTV. Here's a huge logo:

If you are unfamiliar with MADE, it is a show where they grab a high school kid and work for 5 weeks to make them into whatever they want to be. My favorite MADE episodes are when a sort of dorky individual gets made into a more "confident" individual, such as the Homecoming King/Queen. I like this because it is actually possible, instead of watching ridiculous episodes like, "I want to be a kickboxer" and watching a 60 pound high school girl cry and get kicked in the face for an hour. Recently I watched an episode where a girl, who was a "jock soccer player" wanted to become a Beauty Queen. For a moment I thought, "Oh hell, this is another one of those stupid impossible episodes." Luckily, I was pleasently surprised to find this girl doing a pretty good job, and although she didn't even make the top 5 in her Miss (whatever state she lived in) competition, I knew she had tried her best!
I desperately want to start sending in applications for myself to be MADE even though I am no longer in high school. All of my MADE requests will be things like:

"I want to be a successful and rich lawyer."
"I want to have a sack of cash"
"I want to win the triple crown"
"I want to be taller"
"I want to ride into battle on a chariot"
Anyway here is:
A. Another video from Liza Life Coach
B. A picture of myself riding into battle on a chariot


Elizabeth said...

I adore MTV's MADE. I think I may have mentioned to you that my goal is to write Music Television and request to be MADE into a MADE coach. I'm ready to inspire!

Melissa said...

That Liza is something else.

Due to my lack of cable, I have not seen MADE. Maybe I can remedy that.

And lastly, Craig, thanks for helping me visualize you as a charioteer.

Scott said...

Wearing the graduation cap really ties the gladiator outfit it!

jaime said...

Blast! You mean Liza isn't really a life coach!? I was hoping she could help put my life into order. Especially the sex part since she mentioned that about 10 times, I thought she must be an expert!

Dear MTV Made,
I would like to be made into a superhero with cool powers. Preferably, the Jean Gray telekinesis kind, because that would make me nearly unstoppable!

Bridger W. said...

I love the look of your disembodied head floating above that chariot.

Jordan said...

Your endorsement of MADE "maaaaaaaade" me want to see it! :)