Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Magical Update

In my magic class, as I've begun to refer to it, we finally got our first actual paper assignment. This is a huge step forward, since up to this point we have only been responsible for reading some books and writing down our observations in a notebook that no one but ourselves will ever look at. The honor system is really a great system. On the print-out explaining our assignment are typed a few pretty fantastic things.

First - From a line describing the page length, "Aim for 2 - 4 pages total, TYPED (12-point font or larger, please!)"
- 12-point font or larger? Really? Because it might surprise you how large I can type. I can't wait to turn in 4 pages of 64-point font.

Second - There is a section where she wants us to brainstorm a few "Moments of Wonder". She explains what we should do, and then proceeds to give us a few basic examples. Here is the description -
"Think about times when you have been astonished by something you encountered in the natural world or your personal environment (clouds, snow, cold, mosquitoes, bees, cliffs, modrona trees, a river running gold with tannin, a coop full of pure white pigeons, subalpine firs that had become snow ghosts, a man with hooks for hands who came to your rescue, reflections of tre..." wait a minute! A man with hooks for hands who came to your rescue?! Is this a pretty common occurence in other peoples' personal environments? Because my personal environment is a real let-down.
I cannot wait to begin my 64-point font paper with, "There have been times in my life when I've been astonished by the clouds and snow, but what really comes to mind was the time when a man with hooks for hands came to my rescue."
I very nearly lost myself to a 10-minute fit of laughter at this point in class and only curbed it by averting my eyes from Bridger, who I think was having a similar problem, and thinking, "Dead puppies, dead puppies, people punching me in the face, people punching me in the face."

Other noteworthy class items: The kid who talked about his efforts to rescue quails last week has changed his efforts to rescuing the snails who live on his driveway. He stepped on one and could "feel the pain" that came from the snail, and is now on a crusade.

I'm pretty sure my teacher is convinced that I can and should learn to talk to squirrels at the same level that I am now able to talk to humans. I am going to get right on this.

Here is a picture of me with hooks for hands coming to your rescue:

Final note - My Quidditch poll has been the most successful yet. Way to go. Feel free to continue voting so I can correctly gauge your support for future Quidditch activities.


keviN said...

hahaha.... this is amazing.

your class reminds me of the movie "Freedom Writers" but tailored to white suburbanites instead.

magic, nonetheless! the closest i've gotten to something this magical class-wise, was last week - we were asked to draw a duck, and make separate pictures of it being happy, sad, afraid, surprised, disgusted, and angry. that's it. i felt like i was in kindergarten again - it was great.

jaime said...

Craig I'm surprised you've never been rescued by a person with hooks for's a pretty common occurrence.

Also, I have a request that you blog your paper you write for this class on what has amazed you....I bet it will be amazing!!

Mickael said...

I am also looking forward to your paper. Maybe you could find a guy with hooks for hands that you could stalk. Then throw yourself in harms way and force him to help you. It could be a magical idea.

Bridger W. said...

What surprises me about her suggestion of a man with hooks for hands coming to my rescue is that it's impossible; all men with hooks for hands are perverts, killers, or evil ship captains.