Friday, February 5, 2010

For Love of the Game

(Before you begin, scroll down, press play on the divShare audio file, and mute it. Then return to the top. That way it will have loaded by the time you get to it. Meanwhile, see if you can discover my pun on golfing hidden slyly amongst the text.)

I'm not way into sports. I love playing sports, but I've never been a huge spectator. I used to watch the NBA back when the Jazz were in the playoffs. My dad would shoot off a scuba emergency flare after every game they won, until a helicopter started hovering over our house. The Jazz lost both years in the playoffs , broke my heart, and then the NBA lockout poisoned what remained of my budding sports fandom. Of course, thanks to Super NBA '98, I have seen to it that the Jazz have won the title several times, in the same world that Dennis Rodman has won the 3-point shooting competition year after year.
Luckily, both of my roommates are sports enthusiasts, and because they like sports so much, some people who don't know me give me credit for liking sports as well. Fore example, sometimes people walk into our apartment and see the huge March Madness board taped to the wall and think, "Wow, Craig is totally into sports. He's a real man." Also, I see quite a bit more basketball/football games than I would if I was sitting at home playing Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (PS3) in the absence of their sporty influence. That way I can insert myself into sporty conversations that I don't really know much about:

Sports Fan: Wow, Boozer sucks! They have to trade him before the trade deadline!
Craig: Oh yeah, the trade deadline. That's a big deal. I mean, what if they don't trade him and then they get nothing for him later on? It's a real puzzler.
Sports Fan: Gee Craig, you are truly a man's man.

Anyway, thanks to my roommates, I was exposed to this awesome radio show. David Locke is the fellow who replaced Hot Rod Hundley. He has his own radio show called Locked on Sports, and right at the end of the one he broadcasted on Feb. 2 he gets really upset with some of the things the caller has said about the Jazz. Basically, the caller was talking about how the Jazz still aren't good enough to beat the Lakers, and whether or not they should get rid of Boozer (see Craig's conversation with the Sports Fan above). And here is his reply - (You have to skip right to the end. It starts at about 50:51.)

Final Note: If you like sports, I have a friend named Joe who does a really swell sports blog. Check it out. Occasionally I will post in disguise as a sports enthusiast.


keviN said...

heh heh heh..... that thing at the end was gold!! it's always more entertaining for me to watch extreme reactions to sports, rather than watch the sports alone.

i recommend looking up 'coach meltdowns' on youtube if your into passionate freaking out - some great stuff out there!

Scott said...