Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Entered a Contest + Thoughts on Tapes

So I entered a contest with the song posted below. At the very least, I was able to construct this fancy-looking tape gizmo. You've probably already listened to this song, but now you can pretend you are listening to it and it's also 1995.

Back in the day my brother and I would sit around next to the radio and record music onto tapes. For some reason, the two songs I really had my eye on were 1. Supertramp-Dreamer, and 2. Annie Lennox-Walking on Broken Glass. If there was any indication early in my life that I was going to grow up to be the posterchild of raw masculinity--someone that the Spike Network could be proud of--it is definitely my childhood interest in the music of Annie Lennox. Nothing says, "I'm a real man" like waiting by the radio for "Sweet Dreams are Made of These" to play. And who doesn't get moisty-eyed when she sings "Into the West?" How could you not? Gandalf, Bilbo AND Frodo are all going away, forever. What could we possibly have to look forward to now? Nothing.

This radio/tape recording scheme was also my first introduction to music piracy. Fifteen years later, it has become one of my greatest skills. And it all started so innocently with Annie Lennox...she doesn't look so tame now, does she? I just wish I had focused on something more lucrative than the violation of creative property. Something like accounting. Anyway, here is this song once again.

Editor's Notes:
- You can check out the actual page for this contest and my tape here. I listened to some of the other songs, and there are some good ones. All of which have much better production than mine. Give them a look if you like.
- The linked video for "Dreamer" is just a picture of a lion coexisting peacefully with a lamb. I would love to find the person who thought it was a meaningful gesture to edit this song alonside that picture.
- The linked video for "Walking on Broken Glass" looks like a social situation I could totally thrive in.


Bridger W. said...

"Moisty-eyed" may be the grossest term I've read on the internet this week.

Seneca said...

I think I am a bigger fan of yours than Bridger......

Anonymous said...
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ROXY MARJ said...

Craig! This post is tripping me OUT! Were we seperated at birth? Seriously!

My brother, sister and I would do THEE EXACT SAME THING! But we went even farther and played radio Dj...we 3 pretended to be Dj's...We had an awesome stereo with a two tape player... we would hear the song on the radio "Walking on Broken Glass" <- WHICH WAS TOTALLY one of our favorites! We'd record that song & then when it was over, on the other tape we would say this fantastic monologue [introducing the song of course] and then play the song, & push record! It was too hilarious! Plus we learned to take all of our mom's freaky new agey music, plug some toilet paper in the holes at the top & there you had it, a new blank tape! It was sweet.... We should get a group together and re in-act these piracy moments! :)

Bridger W. said...

I don't know who this Seneca is, Craig, but a true fan of yours would never question another fan's fandom.