Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Word on Music, Please

The other day someone got into my car in the middle of the night and stole 14 burned CDs. Nothing else was stolen, just 14 burned CDs. That's my kind of criminal. In fact, if they had asked me, I honestly would have given them all 14 CDs. I'm just overjoyed they didn't break my window to steal my pirated music. However, I've solved the problem of future thefts with this:

After I devised this trap, I left it on my passenger seat, where the stolen CDs once were. It is only a matter of time until I find the bandit immobilized by my trap.

Anyway, I've been somewhat focused on music lately. Since I've been working at my new job, I spend a huge portion of the day with headphones over my ears. As such, my appetite to find new music has increased. I always enjoy new music, but lately I have needed a pretty steady source of incoming music I haven't already heard a million times. I thought I'd share a few of the songs I've found lately. I think these recent discovers (although most of them aren't really all that new) have something for everyone, unless you love A Perfect Circle. If you are really into A Perfect Circle, you are beyond my help, and indeed, all help. Here are some songs I like:

If you like songs that are old, but really great:

Del Shannon - Misery

If you just want to have a great time when you listen to songs:

Heartless Bastards - New Resolution

Roll the Tanks - Gameshow Love

Born Ruffians - Hummingbird

If you like songs with girl singers:

Submarines - You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie

If you like your songs sung softly, but with a nice beat:

The Tellers - More

If you like songs about chocolate and girls:

The Undertones - More Songs About Chocolate and Girls

The Undertones - Get Over You

If you like songs Craig listens to on repeat dozens of times:

Super Furry Animals - Run Away

If you like songs you can tap your foot to:

Magnetic Fields - Long-Forgotton Fairytale

The Rapture - Don Go Do It

Grandaddy - Elevate Myself


keviN said...

ahhhhh... yes! heh.
i was sitting at work just DYING for something to occupy my attention - good stuff.

really REALLY liked Super Furry Animals, and Magnetic Fields.

jaime said...

I tried listening to all the songs you had posted, but I just don't have the time to sit here and listen to YOUR music! I need to sit here and listen to what I want! You got that!?! I just wanna listen to MY music! Quit trying to shove your music in my face!

Ps-Scott really likes a Perfect Circle...I'm not sure he can be your friend anymore since you don't like all the exact same things.

Pps-Can I burn some of your music??

Bridger W. said...

Great choices, Craig!!!!! The stuff you listen to is seriously WEIRD!


Scott said...

Craig, why do you hate me so? A Perfect Circle is a great band! You and Chad have a secret pact to break my spirits dont you!?! Try listening to The Outsider or Pet, both great APC songs, and many more where that came from.

Craig Barlow B. said...

Jaime, you can certainly burn some of my music. In fact, I might even have some suggestions for you. You just let me know.

Scott, A Perfect Circle has been breaking my spirits for years. That you've been able to survive their decade-long musical onslaught on our eardrums proves you are a strong, strong man.

Andrea Jolene said...

I find this post extremely useful (as opposed to your other posts that are basically pointless) as I have been in the need for some new music myself... road trips, that sort of thing. So thank ya.