Monday, February 21, 2011

My Recent Linguistic Habits

I just got home from a successful, but long and tiring day of snowboarding at Keystone, and I plan on spending the next hour in the fetal position in the shower crying and looking at pictures of me as a baby. That might be the only thing that can recharge my tired, tired body. I am a tired boy.

Since I wrote my dating tips blog, I have recieved some question on whether or not Craig himself has a lady crush, on some lady. As you may know, I swore to honor the namesake of Valentine's Day, an early Christian martyr, by putting my tongue in someone else's mouth on that special holiday. I unfortunately failed to live up to my promise, and I imagine St. Valentine himself was rolling in his grave. If there is anything this particular saint cares about, it's that people French Kiss one another every now and again. I looked French Kissing up, and according to Wikipedia, it generally means, "Getting up in some lady's face."

Which brings me to the topic of the day. Lately I've been using the term "French Kiss" fairly often. In my history, I've occasionally come across phrases that I cannot get myself to stop using. So if you are tired of me talking about French Kissing, I want you to know that I'm currently helpless, but sooner or later I believe it will pass like many phrases before it. Now, let's take a look back at some of the things Craig has enjoyed saying, and sometimes still enjoys saying:

"French Kiss"

"Give me a French Kiss!" - Said in the voice of a large woman who I imagine I'm in an abusive relationship with.

"Make me a sandwich." - Ditto. I imagine this abusive woman will desperately want Sandwiches as well.

"Karl Malone Hammer Dunk!"

"Karl Malone could rip off your arms."


"You guys have a lot of growing up to do."

"Be an adult."

"That's a really cool thing that you're doing."

"I'm a man."

And that is all the phrases I can currently think of, except for two that I'm not sharing, because I see no signs of them ever going away. Anyway, feel free to share something you say quite often. Or just get about your life.

Final Note:

Finally, I made a song a month or so back that I never shared on my blog for some reason. I like it. Why shouldn't you like it? Give it a listen:

Craig Blake - Gentleman's Game


Craig Barlow B. said...

This didn't do it for anyone then, eh?

banannalise said...

This is packed full of wit and musical talent- I think you deserve an award. :)

banannalise said...

This is packed full of wit and musical talent- I think you deserve an award. :)

Bridger W. said...

I'm laughing very hard at those two audio samples. Genius.