Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship With Business Casual

I don't have to wear a tie to work. That is excellent news, because I've recently come to grips with how much I hate wearing ties.

I have tons of ties. I just did a quick tie talley, and I currently own 45 ties. This is less than half of the ties I once owned, before I donated half (the uncouth half) to a consignment store. There are somewhere between 50 and 60 men wandering around wearing uncouth ties, and it's my fault!

I do like the ties I own, but I try my best to avoid wearing them. That's why I should be glad that the law firm I'm interning at has a "business casual" dress code. But I also sort of hate business casual clothing. Why can't we all go to work the way we were meant to work? Totally nude, and covered in goo! I was born that way, and that's the way I'll work full-time at a law firm! And yes, that's the way I plan to die: totally nude, and covered in goo.

Craig on His Deathbed: ...and that's how I French Kissed whomever I pleased. Now Craig Jr., fetch the nurse, and hand me that jar of goo.

The problem with business casual clothing is that I've never made it a huge priority to own any. I'm usually wearing business uptight clothes, totally casual clothes, or totally nude and covered in goo. (That joke sure hasn't overstayed it's welcome.) So when I look myself in the mirror after robing myself in business casual attire I often think, "frumpy," in contrast to "sharp," "hip," and "sort of gross" respectively. My business casual clothes pretty much consist of whatever clothes I've acquired whenever my parents hold up a bunch of striped button-up shirts that I've never seen before and ask, "Are these yours?"

But all this has CHANGED! Yesterday I bought myself two dazzling pairs of pants, and two dazzling shirts that are going to revolutionize the way I think about business casual clothes. I also finally bought myself brown shoes and a brown belt. Now I can look hip at work. Maybe even as hip as this lady:


Finally, I just image-Google searched: "MAN HOLDING CASH" and this is the first result -

Then I typed in: "HELL YEAH!" This is the first result -


Autumn Drops said...

Craig Darling,

I am your old Home Teachee. Jillian McCormick. And if you haven't filled your brain with random facts of law and big words, than you may remember that I work at Ann Taylor. And though it is designed for woman, don't worry, I am not saying that you are one... But if you need any dressing tips... lemme know!!

Another note. I miss having you around...


ROXY MARJ said...

bahahahahah lol CRAIG.... There is nothing more fun [well actually there is ] than google searching words and looking at the images you get.

+ and I think I maybe one of those uncouth's walking around with your tie? :-[)

ROXY MARJ said...

p.s. Here is a thought I have had for some time now...what about giving thee ol' blog and chain a little face-lift? :-[) I would like to do it for free for you...if you would like it. :-[) Sorry...I would have emailed this, but you have no contact email on your blog? ;/

please check one box

yes ___ no ____ HELL YEAH ____


Craig Barlow B. said...

1. Jillian, hey there. I'm always happy to take fashion tips, so long as we are all able to agree beforehand that I'm really fashionable already, and we're just amplifying it. How do you propose we transmit this advice? And thanks, I miss being around.

2. Roxy, as always I appreciate your support. And I would definitely be interested in you facelifting my blog if you want. It might give me some more motivation to get back to updating it often. You should e-mail me at (my first name)(my last name) - I've written it in a code that no one else will be able to detect. So put me down for a HELL YEAH.

Bridger W. said...

Um i didnt know you were still blogging so um please advertise more